CHL Management Team


Dr Anne Cusack, Managing Director

Anne, with a background in Science, is Managing Director of Critical Healthcare, the company she co-founded with Seamus Reilly in 2000. Critical Healthcare supplies the Emergency Services, both ambulance and fire with a full range of medical consumables necessary for any emergency situation. We developed our own range of patient care consumables (Duramedic) for the market which was launched in 2010, and these are now found throughout the emergency services both in Ireland and more recently, the UK.

She has guided her company using a number of new initiatives, managing to grow the business 20% each year for the past 3 years.

In September 2013, the team secured the contract for the first ever Fully Managed Web Based Solution for the supply of patient care consumables for the Irish National Ambulance Service/HSE.   This 3-5 year contract is worth approx €5m and will ensure the company is on target for €3.5m in 2014.

With sales already in the UK for Duramedic, Anne and her team have also developed a unique product, MediQuilt which is a reusable quilt and disposable cover. With HIQA advocating a change of linen for every patient transfer, this patented product is a cost effective way of fulfilling this infection control strategy. This export product is about to undergo evaluation within the NHS and in other export markets like Scandinavia.

‘Customer service was and is at the forefront of what we do.   Our aim has been to build the business to become the leading supplier of medical products to the emergency services in Ireland and Europe and ultimately become an Internationally- recognised company.’

Anne and her team of 18 are delighted to have won a number of Awards including the SFA Innovation Award 2013 and the IMSTA (Irish Medical and Surgical Trade Association) Best Services Company award 2014 for Medlogistix.



Mr Seamus Reilly, Operations Director

As co-founder and Operations Director of Critical Healthcare, Seamus has been key to keeping the company on track achieving each of our annual milestones. His vision and entrepreneurial spirit has ensured that Critical Healthcare has been able break new ground in our target markets and ultimately become a leader in our field.   This is evident from the growth of the company which has been 20% each year and aiming for 30% next year. ‘We starting exporting in 2013 and our aim for 2014/15 is to build on this expansion within the UK and further afield.’

Seamus’s ability to collaborate across multi-tier customer and product channels ensures we offer our customers solutions customized around their specific needs. Seamus has been instrumental in developing a number of innovative programmes with the customer in mind, including MediQuilt, our unique infection control product, TenderNet, a web- based added value purchasing tool and Medlogistix, a web-based procurement tool.

Seamus’s ethos of ‘customer first’ is a culture that is pervasive within the company.

Seamus is responsible for the overall operational management of the various departments in Critical Healthcare including supplier management and production. His can-do management style has ensured steady company growth and successful customer relationships.



Mr Tim Willis – Medlogistix Chief Technical Adviser.

Unintentionally following a family tradition, Tim started working in the Print industry in 1990 and quickly progressed into the management of Web Offset catalogue design and production.  Following the worldwide decline of traditional marketing and printing methods at the turn of the century, Tim focused on transferring his skills to developing online web solutions and procurement systems.

Much of the last 20 years have seen Tim working alongside many of the worlds’ leading emergency medical equipment suppliers.  Tim has been collaborating with Critical Healthcare Ltd on numerous projects (including Medlogistix) since 2008.

Tim is based in the Midlands, United Kingdom.

Not one to rest on his laurels Tim says he is always looking for the next big challenge!.



Ms Avril Crowley, Operations Manager.

As Manager of Customer Service, Avril has worked tirelessly to incorporate the culture of customer service into Critical Healthcare. This involves regular reviews so that our exacting policy is strictly monitored and updated ensuring all staff are regularly trained and critiqued on their ability to provide the excellent service on which Critical Healthcare has built its reputation

She works with the management team in identifying the key issues staff need to be aware of and ensures regular internal training is conducted to keep staff diligent in the after-sales service skills.

Avril works alongside the customer service and sales team to ensure customers’ orders are fulfilled, returns, credit notes etc are dealt with efficiently and expediently.

It is to her credit that we have never had a customer complain of our customer care/support.

Avril was also instrumental in Critical Healthcare attaining and maintaining our ISO accreditation and she is now the designated RP for the application of our Wholesalers Medicines Licence.



Mr Liam Young, Vice President Sales UK & Ireland.

Liam, as Business Development Manager, is responsible for the overall sales development within the company with a particular emphasis on export sales. Liam has been instrumental in expanding Critical Healthcare into the UK market, implementing key customer contracts whilst maintaining responsibility for the sales team’s activities in the domestic market at the same time.

Liam collaborated at length with some of the key personnel during the implementation of these contracts to identify key issues management and indeed EMTs, were facing and subsequently worked to resolve these issues.

His ability to collaborate across multi-tier customer and product channels ensures we offer our customers solutions customized around their specific needs.    Critical Healthcare has a fully trained and experienced customer service team in place to support Liam in his efforts. This team is proficient in handling all customers’ enquiries, whether they are related to Product queries or to our web- based solution, Medlogistix. We work to a number of KPIs internally, one of which is to guarantee all customer queries are answered within 24 hours.